Message Sticks

A message stick is a type of communication commonly used by Aboriginal Australians.  It is generally a solid piece of wood, around 20 to 30 centimetres (9 to 12 in) in size, engraved with angular lines and also dots.

Traditionally, message sticks were passed between various clans and language groups to establish information and transfer messages.

They were frequently used to welcome neighbouring groups to corroborees, set-fights and ball games.

Kaarak Dreaming - Aboriginal Artefacts
Kaarak Dreaming - Aboriginal Artefacts
Kaarak Dreaming - Aboriginal Artefacts
Kaarak Dreaming - Aboriginal Artefacts

Tapping Sticks

Tapping Sticks are the traditional percussion instrument of Aboriginal people, offering rhythmic enhancement for a song and also dancing. They consist of two sticks crafted from different types of wood and are frequently delicately decorated.

Tapping Sticks are generally used during Corroborees and also social dancing, Tapping Sticks are played by striking one against the other to give specific rhythms. They are often the only instrument used to accompany singing. They are played by both men and women.

Kaarak Dreaming - Aboriginal Artefacts

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